Broad Bean Shoots


Just like broad beans, these tops are good simply - with butter, salt and pepper.  You can add the shallot and garlic to make it spicy.  You could also first cook some bacon and then make this recipe in the bacon fat.  They are also delicious with butter placed over the top of them when you serve them (what isn't delicious with that much butter!).  They are filled with nutrients and vitamins. Ingredients 1 large knob of butter 8 Broad Bean tops 2 shallots 1 large clove garlic salt and pepper

Method 1. Heat the butter in a pan that will hold the broad bean tops. 2. Add shallots and garlic and gently brown. 3. Add broad bean tops and toss to coat with the mix. Cook until wilted and the stems are tender. 4. Serve as a side dish or with feta cheese on a toasted piece of sourdough.