Classic Greek Salad

The classic Greek salad - The taste is carried on the freshness of the vegetables and the flavour of the olives, feta and olive oil.  I still remember traveling through Greece consuming this salad for breakfast, lunch and dinner - using fresh bread to mop up the left over juice. Ingredients I whole tomato cut into 1/8's 6 cherry tomatoes, halved 1 large cucumber, skin forked, quartered lengthwise, chopped 1 small red onion, chopped 1 small red capsicum, chopped 1/2 cup kalamata olives, pitted and halved 100g Greek feta cheese, cut into cubes 1 1/2 tblsps olive oil 1 1/2 tblsps lemon juice 1 garlic clove, crushed 2 tablespoons chopped fresh oregano leaves

Method 1. Place oil, lemon juice, garlic and oregano in a screw-top jar. Season with salt and pepper. Secure lid. Shake to combine. 2. Combine tomato, cucumber, onion, capsicum and olives in a large bowl. Top with feta. Drizzle with oil mixture. Serve.