CSA Autumn Share 2014 - Week #7 (14 May/16-17 May)


SEVENTH WEEK OF THE AUTUMN SHARE We are sowing green manure crops to protect the soil and provide a nourishing blanket to all of the soil organisms through winter.

NOTES ON STORING THE HARVEST Please check out our Vegetable & Fruit page on the website to find tips on maximizing the life of your veggies.  We envisage that many of the vegetables you are receiving this week will last for two weeks with careful attention to storing upon arrival. Although we do wash all the greens after harvest, we are washing to take the heat out of the plants and wash away some surface dirt, not to prepare them for consumption.  We also spray a seaweed/herb brew about every ten days.  While this will not harm you, it does have a taste. We do suggest washing your produce prior to eating.

WHAT’S IN THE BOX The following are the items harvested this week.  Items and quantities in your box may vary depending on your harvest day and the total harvest of each crop.  The boxes are completely governed by what is ripe and ready for harvest and how much of it there is.  We endeavor to divide the harvest fairly. 1/4 share: 5-7 items   1/2 share: 8-10 items   Full Share: 10-12 items

Broccoli Carrots Celery Kale Leeks Parsley Parsnips Pumpkin English Spinach Spring Onions Sweet Potatoes

Extras Cauliflower Lettuce Rocket

RECIPE SUGGESTIONS Pumpkin and Autumn Green Cannelloni Celery Gratin Spicy Roasted Parsnip Soup Cavolo Nero Kale and Chili Chips  Broccoli, Carrot and Chicken Stir Fry


We have seeded all the crops for the Autumn Share.  As the Southern Hemisphere losses light, the growth of the plants slows.  This is our last big thrust to get green manure crops in the ground so that they can make a winter blanket for the soil.  We are cleaning out growing areas and making green manure mixes that will best serve the soil and the crops that will grow in that area next season.

The purple and green cauliflower plantings are slowly producing heads. The plants are NOT consistent, coming on whenever they are ready.  So far we have only harvested five heads. We are recording who has received them to ensure that everyone gets a head.  They will continue to produce over the next six weeks.

Our harvest season ends in six weeks.  We will begin harvesting Spring Crops in October. We will have 80 shares available for next Spring season.  If you are interested in joining, please respond to this email with YES, SPRING SHARE as the topic.  You will be contacted in late August to confirm your interest.  We do currently have a waiting list and if there are available spaces, we will offer them in August as well.

We will also be sending a survey in late May which is designed to help us better refine what we are growing and how our CSA operates.  Please look for that in your email and have your say.  We are farming for YOU!

Our best bet on what will be in the box next week...potatoes, onions, beetroot, lettuce, broccoli, bok choy, fennel, radish, pumpkin and silver beet.

FARM PICK UP SCHEDULE To accommodate those picking up their Mountain View Farm milk, Farm Pick Up times are Friday afternoon from 2pm-5pm and Saturday mornings from 8am-11am. Please contact us if you need to arrange to pick your vegetables up outside of these times. Please remember to transfer your vegetables into a box or bag and leave the crate on the farm - Thank you!

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Please note – Photo is a randomly selected full share box with the addition of a whole pumpkin.  The full shares received about 1/3 of that pumpkin.