Summer Share Trial 2012 - Week #2 (20th & 21st January)

WHAT’S IN THE BOXThis week the following items are in the Full Share (4 people) box.  Items, varieties and quantity will vary slightly from week to week.

Basil – 1 bunch Beetroot – 4 Broccoli – 1/2 head Capsicum - 2 Carrots – 8 Celery - 1 Coriander – 1 bunch Cucumbers – 4 Green Beans – 1 kg Lettuce – 2 Onions – 2 Parsley – 1 bunch Potatoes – 1.5 kg Spring Onions – 1.5 bunches Sweet Corn – 8 ears Tomatoes – 1 kg Zucchini – 3

SURPLUS IN THE BOX THIS WEEK Basil – 1 bunch Coriander – 1 bunch Carrots – 2 Chillies - 2 or Pimiento de Padron - 10 Green Beans Lettuce - Oak Leaf Onions - 2 Thyme - 1 bunch Please remember to bring your own grocery bags. Please take the time to store your vegetables properly. Check out our Vegetable & Fruit page on the website to find tips on maximizing the life of your veggies.

NOTES ON THE SHARE Beetroot - The beetroot this week are very big.  They are still tender inside.  We have roasted them, wrapped them in foil and baked them and then sliced them for cold beetroot salad, grated them into green salads and juiced them - all with great results. Capsicum - The capsicums have started with all boxes receiving one (1/2 share) or 2 (full share).  They are still green with the red and orange peppers coming later in the season. Carrots – This week the carrots are ‘Cosmic Purple’.  They lose some of their colour when cooked.  We will work through the varieties sticking with one variety per week.  Would love your feedback on the taste. Celery – The celery has changed over this week and grown more as well.  It is really nice raw.  Maybe it needed that week of cooler, wetter weather. Chillies - The Saturday pick ups have two chillies each.  The chillies are just starting.  Please let us know if you like having them in your box or not. Coriander – The current planting of coriander is about to bolt (go to seed).  Coriander is a cool weather crop and this is common in the summer.  We have made bigger bunches for everyone this week and hope that the next planting will be ready in a week. Corn – Yes, those may be caterpillars on the top of your ears of corn.  We have only found one thus far but one is enough to know that they are out there.  This is organic corn! Simply cut the top off and enjoy the rest of the ear. We are between plantings of corn.  We will not be sure how many total ears we have for this week until we begin picking on Friday morning.  Please know that we will divide the harvest equally. Green Beans - We again have a surplus of green beans.  Please take more if you would like them. Lettuce – All boxes have a head of Red Cos. There is a surplus of Green Oak Leaf this week.  We have not put it in your box though.  Please ask if you would like a head. Patty Pan Summer Squash - These are the lovely little squashes that are appearing in the boxes.  Those that did not receive it last week have this week. There is a recipe for them on the website. Pimientos de Padron - The Friday pick ups this week have a small bag of these little capsicums.  They are a cultural pepper from the Padron region of Spain.  We hope that everyone will get a little bundle in their box to try over the next few weeks.  There is alot of information on the internet and I have added a recipe to the website.  They are one of the special 'Tapas' and make a fabulous entree. Potatoes – This week the variety is red skinned ‘Desiree’. Thyme - We have added some thyme to the boxes.  You can use it in stock or the Potato and Green Bean Salad.  It is also lovely in omlettes. Tomatoes – If your tomatoes are not yet ripe, just leave them in your fruit bowl.  They will be ready before the week is over. Zucchini – In addition to the standard zucchini, the ‘Romanesco’ variety (striped white and green) is in all the boxes this week. We have added a few more zucchini recipes this week.

RECIPE SUGGESTIONS We have put recipes on-line this week.  We are working to make it possible to search under a main ingredient to find recipe suggestions. This week you may like to try: Potato and Green Bean Salad Fresh Corn Salsa Vegetable and Pesto Pasta Thai Curry Paste and Thai Baked Tofu Tabouli