The happenings in the shed

We are busy planting and harvesting food on the land we recently bought at the back of our farm. We are really happy with how everything has been coming along - and especially happy to have a place out of the sun, the rain and the wind to wash and pack all the produce that we are harvesting each week for the CSA boxes. Here is a picture walk through the building and then filling of our new farm shed...

It is wonderful to have a space to bring the harvest, shade to wash, bunch and store it and cool space to pack the boxes so that everything arrives to our members as fresh as can be.

We are really enjoying the Saturday morning pick ups, gathering in the shed and chatting while children have fun in the crate cubby houses, swing and play in the sprinklers.  With the garlic everywhere drying, the shed smells fantastic.

Thank you to all the people who lent a hand: Colin, Alan, Lionel, Woodsie and the crew from Shepparton, Chris, Greg, and Justin.