If you are interested to be a part of our next CSA Season, check our Farm Store to see if any shares are available and/or join our newsletter list below. We send a seasonal newsletter with photos of the farm and information about joining our CSA.

Each year the exact number of weeks of the CSA seasons may vary.  The exact dates for each season are available in our online store.

CSA is a relationship of mutual support and commitment between us the farmers and our CSA members. In return for a seasonal membership fee to help cover the production costs of the farm, CSA members receive a weekly share of quality produce grown by us using biodynamic practices. Members share in the risks and the bounty of farming. Through weekly newsletters, talking with us at farm pick up, farm tours and frequent farm photos, members have the chance to enter into a relationship with their food- where it comes from, who is growing it and the experience it has from seed to harvest. CSA is a chance to know your farmer, get real food at a great value and eat delicious, high quality, chemical free, nutrient dense vegetables and fruit.

We offer seasonal shares in our farm. Produce is picked fresh at the farm and is available at our Market Style farm pick up on Fridays (10:00am-6:00pm). The weekly box contains 8-10 items, depending on the season and availability.  Each weeks box contains a mix of seasonal staple items such as salad greens, onions and/or carrots mixed with seasonal items that may be known (cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli, zucchini, pumpkin) or well worth getting to know.  Each week is slightly different allowing for a full variety of what the season provides.  All produce in the box is grown on our farm.

Rather than pack CSA boxes for our farm pick up - we provide a Market Style pick up. We believe this allows more choice for our members and a greater range of options.  The weeks harvest will be displayed more in line with what you see at a Farmers Market. Each week there will be a list of items, which will be on a board at farm pick up.  Members will get to "shop" for their veggies, based on the list for that week's share. We offer a "swap basket" which allows members to trade items with other members.  The swap basket has provided members to accommodate family likes (and dislikes) and food allergies. This provides some flexibility within the share box.

For example, the share might include 1 head of lettuce but there may be three different varieties from which to choose. 3 zucchini and summer squash could mean three large zucchini for members who love to make fritters and bread and it could mean three smaller zucchini for those whom prefer the tender, young ones and it could also mean a combination of varieties.  And if you have company coming and would like extra of an item, we hope you might find it in the swap basket.

KEEP INFORMED –  Read the weekly CSA Newsletter emailed to members to find out what new things have been planted, how your food is growing, what was harvested for the week. The newsletter contains important information about “What’s in the Box”, news from the farm and details about the harvest.

PICK UP YOUR SHARE –  CSA members must pick up their share. If they will be away or otherwise unable to pick up, arrangements for someone else to pick it up need to be made. Member shares that are not picked up will not be refunded or made up.

BE AN ACTIVE PARTICIPANT IN THE PROGRAM We encourage all of our members to become active participants in the CSA Program.  Through the weekly newsletters we try and share with members what is happening on the farm.  We appreciate their communication with us - what recipe was a winner, what vegetables were loved, which were a struggle.   The transparency of where and how the food is grown combined with the shared relationship with it make a CSA a unique way to reconnect with food.

To keep members in touch with the day to day activities on the farm, we post photos on instagram and facebook.
To keep updated with all the details about our farm please join our newsletter mailing list. We send seasonal emails with news from the farm, farm tour dates and details about when our shares are available to be purchased in our farm store.