I came to Transition Farm in 2015 for the summer internship with the hope that the experience would determine if I could, and if I wanted to, become a farmer. Robin and Peter were so welcoming, so generous with their time, so careful with their explanations and always put so much thought into answering my questions. The internship involved a lot of hard work both physically and mentally (I spent my spare hours pouring through as many books from their library as I could), but understanding the love of hard work was one of the best outcomes. I left the farm with a swag full of knowledge, a great understanding of how to care for soil, grow nutritious, delicious food and run a CSA, but most importantly I left the farm with two incredible mentors and a passion to grow
— Tahlia Gregori - Summer Intern 2015
I’ve frequently made the joke that my time at Transition Farm was quite literally, a huge period of transition in my life. I arrived at the farm for a 3-month internship in Autumn 2014, eager to put my romantic notions of what I imagined farming to be to the test, and when I finally left (a year and a half later!), my ideas are still romantic, but also much more realistic!
I learnt a lot. I learnt that farming is hard work. Really hard. It’s physically and mentally demanding, the weather doesn’t always co-operate with your plans, insects don’t always play nice, and blistered and calloused hands are to be expected. But it’s also the most fulfilling and satisfying work that I’ve ever done. Seeds are planted, plants grow, and good food is produced. It seems so simple, but getting everything to run smoothly and adapting to unforeseen conditions is an art form, and Robin and Pete are so open and generous in sharing how they make it all work.
Robin and Pete are incredibly inspiring folk and they are full of knowledge and experience, and I’m so glad and grateful to have had the opportunity to laugh and learn alongside them.
— Belinda Sheekey - Autumn Intern 2014
I adored my time at Transition Farm. I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about seeing how a real organic and biodynamic farm is run. I will forever be inspired by this place and these wonderful, generous people. Tuning into the wisdom of the plant world is so incredible – it teaches me things that also apply to every area of my life – my music, my career, my relationships and of course one day my own garden when I stop moving about so much! I have many a fond memory of weeding mandala’s side by side with Robin, listening to her tell me about the ways of biodynamics and soaking up her stories… I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and hope to return for another season one day! Thanks so much, Robin and Pete. Lisa x
— Lisa Mitchell - Spring Intern 2013
I found the Transition Farm internship during an online search. I had a chat with Peter about what could be expected and my goals for going there.
From the moment I arrived I felt perfectly welcome and perfectly in control of my learning experience. There was hard work to do, but I enjoyed the workload and the location to do it in was really beautiful. The rewards for our work included great food and a quality learning experience.
All of my goals and expectations were met and exceeded and I continue to carry with me what I had learned as well as cherished memories and ongoing friendships.
— Chris Warren - Spring Intern 2013
I joined the team at Transition Farm for a three month internship in Spring 2014. I had originally planned to complete a Diploma of Horticulture at this time, but was desperately seeking some hands-on experience before I continued my studies. My time at Transition Farm was more valuable than I could have anticipated; Peter and Robin are a wealth of knowledge and they are so generous with what they know. I left the farm with a concrete foundation for further experiences in farming that I am now so inspired to seek. I carry lessons learned at Transition Farm with me in every day life and continued to by inspired by Peter and Robin well after the end of my internship. I can’t thank them enough for allowing me to join them in the fields, it was a pleasure to grow, laugh, eat, and learn together.
— Emily Kinnear - Spring Intern 2014
I’ve tried to come up with some words to describe my time with you guys but its hard! I suppose that’s a sign of the vastness of experiences I had at Transition Farm. I saw and heard the good and bad, the beautiful and ugly that is real life farming. It’s tough work. As Pete said ‘The best thing I can do is help you realise this isn’t for you’. But as more time has passed since my Internship I realise that working hard doing what you love and believe in is not work. 9-5 is work. Pete and Robin showed me reality and I want to make this my own reality one day.
— Trent Hicks - Autumn Intern 2015