Why We Grow the Way We Do



Our CSA is not just about providing a box of fresh vegetables.  We are trying to provide nutrient dense food grown in a sustainable way to our local community - nourishing them, ourselves and the earth throughout.We have identified several sustainability indicators which we are trying to achieve on our farm:

  • Providing local food security

  • Conserving the natural resource base

  • Being socially responsible



We are trying to achieve these goals through:

  • Respecting all life on the farm - human, animal, plant and mineral;

  • Providing nutrient dense food to the local community at a price which reflects its true cost to produce;

  • Building soil life and soil humus;

  • Protecting soil life, our clean water supply and our ecosystem by not using industrialised inputs (such as pelletised chicken manure), pesticides nor fungicides;

  • Using energy efficient farming practices;

  • Trying to reduce our farm inputs and sourcing those that we do need locally;

  • Involving the community, through conversation and work share programs, in the story of how their food is grown;

  • Building relationships with the community based around the produce they are eating and we are growing in order to better provide for each other;

  • Using soil blocks (which are pressed seedling blocks that use no plastic) for our seedlings;

  • Using many recycled products on the farm such as recycled wood, recycled plastic seed trays, old farm machinery;

  • Reusing plastics that we need for several seasons.

  • Offering a fair wage and/or fair exchange to all those who work on the farm;



We are so happy to have our CSA members alongside us in this.