Can I switch my pick up day if I need to?

We try to accommodate occasional changes such as a trip away but frequent changes do not work for us.  Please think carefully about the day you choose for pick up to ensure it works into your schedule.  Please email us before Sunday night if you would like to try and change your pick up day for the week. 

How much does the Weekly Share cost?

Our  weekly share costs $720 for the 15 week season ($48.00 per week) or $336 for the fortnightly share (7 boxes).  We estimate that our Weekly Shares feed 2-3 adults (or a family of 4) that enjoy eating their veggies! The Autumn Share begins 8th March 2017 and runs for 15 weeks. You will pick up at the farm your share of seasonal produce each week.  Shares are 8-10 different items depending on the season. 

How Does the Fortnightly Share work?

The Fortnightly Share is exactly half the produce of the Weekly Share as you will receive your box every other week. Boxes are picked up every other week throughout the course of the CSA season - ie.  weeks 1,3,5,7, etc… or 2,4,6,8, etc… depending on your assigned CSA start date (we, the farmers, assign you odd or even weeks. The Fortnightly Share is ideal for those households that do not get through a lot of vegetables or as a Supplementary box for those who want more vegetables than the Weekly Box.

Is my payment refundable?

The simple answer is no.  Your payment is not refundable. We are happy to transfer it to another family.  We do want this service to work for your family and are happy to talk with you if it isn’t.  It may be that there is another family to whom who we can transfer your share.

How do I pay?

To join our CSA, you simply go to our on-line Farm Store, fill out the form and complete your payment.  CSA shares are limited and we are unable to hold spaces.

What happens if we can’t come pick up our share,  we will be out of town or we just miss our pick up day?

If we can adjust your pickup days to help work around your holiday, we are always happy to do that.  If you are away for a few weeks, you can gift your vegetables to a friend, a family member, a neighbour, etc and they can pick up your share on your pick up day.  You can also find someone to pick it up for you.

If you are a Wednesday pick up and you are unable to collect it, your box can be held in the cooler and you can collect it Friday 2-6pm/Saturday 8-10am.  Please send an email in advance.  If your vegetables are not collected by Saturday 10am, they will be donated to a family in need.

If you are a Friday/Saturday pick up and miss the days, your box will be donated to a family in need at 10am on Saturday UNLESS you contact us via a text message.  We can then hold your box in the cooler and you can collect it the following Wednesday 2-6pm.

If I am a Fortnightly member can I change weeks during the season?

Simple answer is No.

Can I come pick up my share early?

Farm pick ups are from 2-6 pm on Wednesday and 2-6pm Friday and 8-10am on Saturdays. Please do not come before 2pm, we need this time to harvest, wash, pack up produce, set up the pick up area etc.– The farm is ONLY open between these hours. So arriving early or late is not something we can accommodate.

Will the shares be limited?

Yes, we will be limiting our CSA boxes! First in, best dressed!

What kinds of vegetables and fruits do you grow?  

Over 40 different kinds of vegetables and 200 different varieties!! This season we will not be growing melons and watermelons.  Occasionally other fruit is included in the share or available for purchase but its best to consider us vegetable farmers.   There is a list of the produce we grow here.

You can look at photos of the weekly harvest for past seasons here.  The photos are helpful to see what's in the box and the approximate size of the boxes.

Do you offer half shares?

We don’t offer half shares but do offer a Fortnightly Share!  This share is ideal for individuals or small households who may not eat a lot of vegetables or whom eat out frequently.    Fortnightly Shares are weekly share boxes delivered or picked up every other week throughout the course of the CSA season.   

Can I sign up for a Weekly or Fortnightly share and then switch shares part way through the season?

As the nature of the CSA is to plan and grow the number of shares well in advance, we may be unable to accommodate switches during a season. Please do speak with us if your share is not working for you and we can let you know if there are any options.