We provide weekly boxes of our farm produce (grown using biodynamic methods) to our CSA members on the Mornington Peninsula . Members can choose home delivery or assemble their own box at our Market Style Farm Pick up.
(everything in the box is grown on our farm)

Our 12 week CSA Autumn Share SOLD OUT. Our Autumn season finished on 25 June 2016. The farm rests in Winter.

Please join our farm newsletter (below) to receive news about when our next season of boxes is available for purchase...we estimate our next season will be starting at the end of November 2016.



Weekly Vegetable Boxes

Our CSA Autumn Share boxes will be available to purchase through our farm store at the start of March. The Autumn Share boxes start Wednesday 6th April 2016 and run for 12 weeks -

Farm Store

How We Farm

If you are interested to learn a bit more about How and Why we farm the way we do– watch this short movie by PalateVM

Why We Grow The Way We Do - What are our sustainability indicators and how are we trying to achieve those

Seasonal Notes

Our farm blog - Seasonal Notes

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