CSA Autumn Share 2014 - Week #10 (4 June/6-7 June)


TENTH WEEK OF THE AUTUMN SHARE The cover crops are germinating.  Soon large areas of the farm will be covered in a winter blanket of green!

NOTES ON STORING THE HARVEST Please check out our Vegetable & Fruit page on the website to find tips on maximizing the life of your veggies.  We envisage that many of the vegetables you are receiving this week will last for two weeks with careful attention to storing upon arrival. Although we do wash all the greens after harvest, we are washing to take the heat out of the plants and wash away some surface dirt, not to prepare them for consumption.  We also spray a seaweed/herb brew about every ten days.  While this will not harm you, it does have a taste. We do suggest washing your produce prior to eating.

WHAT’S IN THE BOX The following are the items harvested this week.  Items and quantities in your box may vary depending on your harvest day and the total harvest of each crop.  The boxes are completely governed by what is ripe and ready for harvest and how much of it there is.  We endeavor to divide the harvest fairly.

1/4 share: 5-7 items   1/2 share: 8-10 items   Full Share: 10-12 items

Broccoli Cabbage Carrots Celery Garlic Fennel Kale Potatoes Rocket Rosemary Onions Sweet Potato
Extras Cauliflower Radish Peas Silver beet Thyme
The cover crops are germinating.  Soon large areas of the farm will be covered in a winter blanket of green! These green manure crops not only protect the soil from water and wind erosion, they also protect the soil life, feed the soil life and contribute valuable nutrients and hummus to the soil in the Spring.  We use green manure crops as a way to create farm generate fertility...as opposed to using chemical fertilizers.

You received celery two weeks in a row.  We try to not do this but as we were going to lose the rest of the planting to rust, we decided to give the celery to you a week early.  With the warm Autumn that we have had, there are many fungal diseases presenting which usually are not a problem in early Winter.

The warmth has also caused the next cauliflower planting to come on earlier than expected.  We are now harvesting the white heads.  We know that many have received cauliflower two or three weeks in a row.  We expect more heads next week as the white planting matures. Great chance to try your favourite recipes!

We do try to stagger plantings but unusual weather effects even the best planned sequence.

Our best bet on what will be in the box next week... parsnips, pumpkin, silver beet, leeks, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, potatoes.

FARM PICK UP SCHEDULE To accommodate those picking up their Mountain View Farm milk, Farm Pick Up times are Friday afternoon from 2pm-5pm and Saturday mornings from 8am-11am. Please contact us before Saturday if you need to arrange to pick your vegetables up outside of these times. Please remember to transfer your vegetables into a box or bag and leave the crate on the farm - Thank you!

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Please note – Photo is a randomly selected full share box.