Summer Share Trial 2012 - Week #6 (17th & 18th February)


WHAT’S IN THE BOXThe following are the items in your box this week.  Some items and quantities may vary depending on the harvest.

This is the last week of the six week trial. We have enough produce to run the trial for one extra week - so please let us know as soon as you can if you would like to continue for one more week.

Summer Share Trial Week #6 - Half Share Box (2 people) February 2012

NOTES ON THE SHARE Basil – In addition to the standard green basil, we have put two other basil varieties in the box. ‘Siam’ – a purple tinged Thai basil- and ‘Purple Opal’ – a deep purple leaf with a subdued basil flavour. Beans – This week there are green ‘Strike’, yellow ‘Cherokee Wax’ and purple ‘Royal Burgundy’ beans. The yellow and purple beans can be used in recipes calling for green beans.  They can all be steamed or stir-fried together for a beautiful side dish. If you cook the purple beans too long, they do turn green. Beetroot – The beetroot are lovely smaller ones again this week.  Perfect for steaming whole or in quarters.  Each bunch has a mixture of purple ‘Ruby Queen’ and golden ‘Burpees Golden’. Cantaloupe- We have grown three varieties - 'Hale's Best', 'Hearts of Gold' and 'Planter's Jumbo'.  We wait until they slip off the vine, the plants indicator of readiness.  We are hoping that there will be enough for everyone to receive in their box this week. Carrots – This week the baby carrots are ‘Atomic Red ’ and the larger carrots are 'Nantes'. Eggplant – The only ones ready are ‘Long, Thin, Purple”, an Asian variety.  The eggplants have been very slow and were affected by the rain this week with the larger eggplant splitting from the moisture.  We are continuing to divide the harvest to ensure everyone gets some. Lettuce – All boxes have a head of Green Oak Leaf and Red Cos. Please let us know if you would only like one head or if you would like a head of Green Cos. Pimientos de Padron – We will be again dividing the harvest of these peppers.  You should get another bag over the next two weeks. There is a recipe on the website for making a special ‘Tapas’ dish with this sometimes hot, sometimes not pepper. Potatoes – This week the variety is red skinned ‘Pontiac’. Some do have a bit of scab. The scab is little more then visual annoyance.  They are fine inside. Tomatoes – Look forward to some extras in your box this week.

NOTES ON SURPLUS We have begun our planning for the next season. Your feedback from the surveys has been wonderful.  Thank you.  The next season, with all of the information we have gained from the trial, we hope that the box size will better reflect the needs of a family of two and a family of four.  If you are receiving more food then you would like, please leave some items on pick up day and we will pass these on to other members.

RECIPE SUGGESTIONS Recipe suggestions for the week are: Roasted Cherry Tomatoes with Quinoa and Feta Bok Choy, Broccolini and Chicken in a Spiced Sauce Chicken and Cashew Stir-Fry Aunt Bee’s Bread and Butter Pickles Carrot and Leek Soup