Summer Share Trial 2012 - Week #5 (10th & 11th February)

WHAT’S IN THE BOXThe following are the items in your box this week.  Some items and quantities may vary depending on the harvest. Carrots are also included...just absent from the photo.

Summer Share Trial Week #5 - Half Share Box (2 people) February 2012

NOTES ON THE SHARE Basil - In addition to the standard green basil, we have put two other basil varieties in the box. ‘Lemon’ – a delightful herb which goes great with chicken, fish, zucchini and in salad dressing. There are two recipes on the website; and ‘Purple Opal’ – a deep purple leaf with a subdued basil flavour.  It looks wonderful sprinkled over dishes before serving. Beans – This week there are green ‘Strike’, yellow ‘Cherokee Wax’ and purple ‘Royal Burgundy’ beans. The yellow and purple beans can be used in recipes calling for green beans.  They can all be steamed or stir-fried together for a beautiful side dish. If you cook the purple beans too long, they do turn green. Beetroot - The beetroot are lovely smaller ones this week.  Perfect for steaming whole or in quarters.  Each bunch has a mixture of purple 'Ruby Queen' and golden 'Burpees Golden'. Carrots – This week the carrots are ‘Atomic Red ’.  Would love your feedback on the taste. Eggplant – Eggplant are here with ‘Long, Thin, Purple”, an Asian variety showing up in some of the boxes this week. The plumper ‘Listada’ eggplant are still not quite big enough.  If it is not in your box this week, it will be next week. Lettuce – All boxes have a head of Green Oak Leaf and Red Cos. Please let us know if you would only like one head. Pimientos de Padron – We will be again dividing the harvest of these peppers.  You should get another bag over the next two weeks. There is a recipe on the website for making a special ‘Tapas’ dish with this sometimes hot, sometimes not pepper. Potatoes – This week the variety is red skinned ‘Pontiac’. We love this variety!  Some do have a bit of scab. The scab is little more then visual annoyance.  They are fine inside. Tomatoes – Look forward to some extras in your box this week. Zucchini – We have a surplus of zucchini.  Please ask if you would like extra.

NOTES ON SURPLUS This is one of the features of a CSA - Members share in the surplus.  Transition Farm has had an excellent season with the boxes this week anticipated at having at least 20 distinct vegetables and herbs.  This is well beyond the 10-12 items we thought would make up a box.  If you are receiving more food then you would like, please leave some items on pick up day and we will pass these on to other members.

RECIPE SUGGESTIONS Recipe suggestions for the week are: Stir-Fried Bok Choy with Tofu Fresh Corn  and Tomato Salsa Thai Vegetarian Red Curry Eggplant Caponata