Simply Perfect Steamed Corn


There is an old adage "Don't pick the corn until the water is a boilin' ".  The sweetness in corn begins to turn to starch as soon as it is picked.  We pack all of the CSA boxes and THEN pick the corn to try and ensure you receive the freshest of sweet corn.  We strongly suggest you eat it tonight!  When it is this fresh, it is amazing raw!  Consequently, when you cook it, you should just heat it through.  Here is the method we use which produces perfect steamed corn. Ingredients Fresh Sweet Corn

Method 1. Take a wide mouth sauce pan that fits the corn lying down and put 1 cm of water on the bottom or if your corn fits in your steamer, use that. 2. Layer the corn cobs.  They can be stacked. 3. Put onto high heat.  Watch the corn as the water boils.  The kernels will bead. After you see this bead, cook for three more minutes and then remove from heat. 4. Serve immediately.  You can add butter, salt and pepper or just eat as is.